Our Mission

We created Earthly to give everyone the tools to do good for the planet every day.
We believe in...

Collective action

Collectively our actions and our choices hold great value, no matter how small they may seem. Solving the climate crisis depends on our ability to act now, together.

Tech for good

Technology and our digital habits can become a positive force for society when used for the right cause.

How Earthly works

1. Install

Head to the web store and install the extension. It takes 2 clicks and it's 100% free.

2. Surf the web

Keep browsing the web as usual. Earthly brings you a sleeker new tab with curated tips and info on the environment.

3. Ads revenue

Without ever interrupting your browsing experience, we display advertisements only on your new Earthly tabs.

4. Climate projects

The profits we generate through the ads go to fund climate projects which are certified to offset carbon emissions.


The projects we support

Every three months we select a portfolio of projects that are certified by Gold Standard or VCS as recipient for the profits that Earthly generated in that time period thanks to your usage.

The range of projects we support spans from forestation/anti-deforestation projects, development of renewable energy plants, safer water access and access to more sustainable and efficient energy sources in rural areas with particular focus on under-developed communities all over the world.

The impact of these projects is not limited to the reduction of Greenhouse gases emissions, but extend to improve the economic and health situations of all the communities involved.


Earthly does not distribute any profits to its stakeholders.
All the money earned is used exclusively to support climate projects and to fuel the development and growth of our products. We believe that only by reaching a significant amount of people can we make a real difference.

To maximise our impact we are committed to running our business as frugally and efficiently as possible so we can reach the projects that need our support.

We believe in full transparency so every three months we publish a full breakdown of our earnings, expenses and donations, so you can see exactly how your support aids deserving projects.

The team

We are currently Beta Testing. See what it means.


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Earthly is made by two friends who want to put their professional knowledge of digital businesses and technology to use by creating products that can have a positive impact on one of the most fundamental issue which defines our generation: climate change.

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