Frequently asked questions

What does it mean that Earthly is on Beta Testing?

Beta Testing is a common term in software development used when some software is published to a limited set of users in order to get feedback, improve the initial version and get everything ready for a larger scale launch. Earthy is currently on Beta Testing.
These are the main implications: 1. Stability: Our browser extension is still very young and might not be as reliable or performing exactly as well as we want it to. Please be patient and help us improve by reporting any trouble you might be facing at
2. Placeholder Ads: We are still working on negotiating the terms with the advertisement networks for the display of the ads on the browser extension. This means that instead of real ads you may occasionally see placeholder advertisements during the beta phase.
3. Fine-tuning the offset: During the Beta phase, we will also collect more accurate data on the conversion value of each Earthly token into kilograms of CO2e so that we can give a much better estimation of your contribution.

Is Earthly a non-profit organisation?

No, Earthy is a social business (see the definition on wikipedia). This means that we are a privately funded company that is created to help address the climate crisis through raising money for sustainability projects. It also means that we don’t pay dividends to any stakeholders and entirely re-invest our profits to further grow our impact. Not being a non-profit allows us to act in a leaner way and reduce some of our overhead costs (legal costs) therefore allowing us to raise more money for our cause. We aim to be as transparent as possible by publishing our financials every three months. The entire Earthly team is working totally for free on this project and we commit to do so until the community grows significantly.

How does the carbon offset counter on the browser extension work?

On your browser extension, you see two counters. The counter on the top left shows your Earthly tokens. You earn 1 token every time you open a new tab (either by clicking on the “new tab button” or via the command CTR+T). The main counter at the centre of the extension shows the kilograms of CO2e that all Earthly users have offset together over time. We offset about 1 kg for every 10 Earthly tokens collected. This means that if every user collects 50 tokens a day they will have contributed to the offset of 5kg of CO2e that day or an equivalent of about 1.8 tons CO2e per year!

Where does the advertisement in the extension come from?

The ads that you see on the browser extension can come from several different advertisement networks. An adv network is essentially a distributor of ads and a middle-man between a publisher (like us) and an advertiser. Working with such networks helps us to receive advertisements that we can show you in order to raise money for climate projects without having to negotiate with each individual advertiser. However this does limit our less control over the ads that we show you, as such we cannot always ensure that all products and services you will see promoted are fully aligned with our cause. In the future, we’re aiming to work more and more with advertisers that are more in line with our goals. To get there, we first need to build a more significant reach by involving as many people as possible with Earthly.

On which browsers can I install Earthy browser extension?

At the moment Earthly is only available on Chrome. We will work on bringing Earthly to more browsers in the future.

What does it mean that you have “offset” some CO2e?

This means that we have purchased a certain value of carbon offset certificates from a certified body which sells them (in our case Gold Standard). Let’s break this down. Buying a carbon offset certificate means funding a project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere (eg. a wind power plant, planting trees, replacing inefficient fuel sources with more efficient ones). The certificates we buy are distributed by an international organisation called Gold Standard (visit Gold Standard's website). Gold Standard certifies that a sustainability project is effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring that it meets a set of strict requirements, this ensures ultimate transparency in the purchase.

Which sustainability projects do you actually support?

Every three months we select a portfolio of projects that are certified by Gold Standard as the recipient for the profits that Earthly generated in that time period thanks to your usage. The range of projects we support spans from forestation/anti-deforestation projects, development of renewable energy plants, safer water access and access to more sustainable and efficient energy sources in rural areas with particular focus on under-developed communities all over the world.
The certificates we purchase will be published on our website (Coming soon - after the Beta).

Does Earthly collect any data about me?

We never collect personal information or any information that can be associated with a specific individual. We only collect some usage data of our website and the browser extension that we use, exclusively, to improve our services.
To learn more read our privacy policy.

Is Earthly compatible with Ecosia?

Yes, absolutely. Ecosia will remain your default search engine after Earthly is installed. You can also search with Ecosia from Earthly's new tab by selecting Ecosia as your search engine from the search bar.

My bookmarks bar disappeared: How do I get it back?

Unfortunately in some version of Chrome the bookmark will be hidden after installing.

You can restore it with the following instructions:

command + shift + b

control + shift + b

more info:

How does the referral program work?

We want to keep Earthly as simple-to-use and accessible as possible. That's why we’ve decided for now to not require users to create an account to use Earthly. When it comes to referring your friends, this means that we won't be able to track and reward you when a user you referred signs up, however we do reward you for directly sharing an Earthly link with your friends. We trust that our users, you, won't abuse this opportunity but will help us spread the word. Together we can make a difference, so if you like Earthly and want to increase our impact then spread the word! Every time you share our invite link, we'll give you 200 tokens, this corresponds to an additional 20kg of CO2e that we'll offset all thanks to you.