Darfur Low-Smoke Stoves Project

Location: Sudan

Summary of the project: 

This project provides families in North Darfur with an opportunity to replace their traditional wood and charcoal fires with modern, energy efficient and clean-burning liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cook stoves.

Cooking over open fires or inefficient stoves typically entails burning fuels like wood, charcoal, coal, and kerosene, which releases harmful, climate-warming emissions like black carbon and Methane.

Black carbon refers to tiny carbon particles that form during incomplete combustion of wood, charcoal, coal, and kerosene and is by far the most significant short-lived climate pollutant emitted during cooking. Black carbon is a climate warming pollutant and is estimated to be second only to CO2 in its warming impact on the climate.


Some benefits of this project include: 

  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Each stove distributed avoids about 4 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year

  • Alleviate poverty by enabling energy savings

  • Reduced rate of deforestation by replacing wood as an energy source.

Certification: Gold Standard

The project will generate approximately 4,500,000 Verified Emission Reductions over its 10-year lifetime. 

SOURCE: Ecosphere+

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